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Everything A Runner Should Know About Shin Splints

Shin splints is a common injury experienced by runners.

If you develop a shin splint, the most likely cause is that you did too much, too soon.

Since being enthusiastic about your running is a good thing, the disadvantage is when you put too much pressure on your body forcing it to do something that it is not trained for.

Considering the common nature of these injuries, it is important that as a runner, you fully understand

  • What shin splints are?
  • ​How are they caused?
  • ​How are they diagnosed?
  • ​And what can you do to prevent them?

In this article, we will go into detail about this injury.

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What Is The Estimated Extensor Tendonitis Recovery Time?

Extensor Tendonitis may sound like a severe and dangerous disease, but it isn't. In simple terms, the condition is caused by overuse of the tendons, bones, and muscles in either the feet or hands.

As a runner, it is likely that your condition is caused by either wearing tight shoes or standing on your feet for long periods of time. The good news is Extensor Tendonitis recovery time can be greatly shortened if you follow the right procedure.

In this article, we will discuss what you can do to hasten recovery time and how to prevent future problems.

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How Many Miles Can You Walk In A Day? Find Out!

Walking especially brisk walking is one good way to keep fit without going to the gym or doing other intense exercises. If you are an avid walker, you may be wondering how far is too far? How many miles can you walk in a day?

Of course, there is no final answer, and it greatly depends on the fitness level of a person, there is an average number of miles that one with reasonable fitness can walk each day.

In this article, we will discuss how far you can walk in a day, some dangers of walking too far and how you can build mileage.

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Why Do My Legs Ache All the Time? Know It Here

As a runner, experiencing leg pain can be one of the worst things that can happen to you. Sadly, whether you like it or not, leg pain is something we all have to deal with at one point or another.

If you are to address the issue effectively, you need first to understand what causes leg pain, what are the symptoms of the condition and how to identify whether it is serious. We will answer these questions in this article.

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How To Run With A Weight Vest – 3 Awesome Steps

If you want to up your running game, one of the common strategies is to use a weight vest. A weight vest is basically a vest that is made from the heavy material or has pockets that you can fill up with sand bags and other weighted objects.

The reason why athletes wear weight vest is to add to their body weight in order to get a more intense workout. With a weight vest on, exercises such as walking and running become more challenging.

The reason for the effectiveness of the weight vest lies in its adding to your weight and forcing your body to work harder during the workout. Benefits of using the vest include better strength, endurance, agility and speed.

How can running with a weight vest help you? How can you get used to using a weight vest? Read on to learn the answer to these questions.

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Why Do My Ankles Pop? This Basic Knowledge You Need To Know

Ankles can pop for many reasons mostly involving the injury of one or more of your joints in the ankle. In some cases though, ankles may pop even without injury. Whatever the case, experiencing your ankle pop may make you worry if you have a serious condition.

Likely, you have an ankle sprain and one or more of your ligaments in your ankle is sprained. Aside from this common cause, there are three specific causes for your ankle pop.

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Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet – How To Choose Right

According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment, 8% of adults over 21 years of age have flat feet. This approximates to about 18 million people. In addition to this, 4% have fallen arches. (1) These numbers show how common the condition is. If you have flat feet, there is a high possibility that the condition will cause pain when standing or walking. Selecting shoes that are specifically made for flat feet is one very important step.

​In this article, we will discuss the three main types of flat feet, how you should select the right shoe and the five best walking shoes for flat feet.

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Best Compression Tights – Can They Make You Run Better?

As a runner, you are always willing to try something that will increase your performance. When it comes to gear, there have been many theories of what wearing certain pieces of clothing can do to help you run better. One of the common gear is compression tights.

The question is do they work? What can they do for you? In this article, we will answer these questions. We will also give you a roundup of our top five best compression tights and highlight their features.

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