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Why Do My Ankles Pop? This Basic Knowledge You Need To Know

Ankles can pop for many reasons mostly involving the injury of one or more of your joints in the ankle. In some cases though, ankles may pop even without injury. Whatever the case, experiencing your ankle pop may make you worry if you have a serious condition.

Likely, you have an ankle sprain and one or more of your ligaments in your ankle is sprained. Aside from this common cause, there are three specific causes for your ankle pop.

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Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet In 2018 – How To Choose Right

According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment, 8% of adults over 21 years of age have flat feet. This approximates to about 18 million people. In addition to this, 4% have fallen arches. (1) These numbers show how common the condition is. If you have flat feet, there is a high possibility that the condition will cause pain when standing or walking. Selecting shoes that are specifically made for flat feet is one very important step.

​In this article, we will discuss the three main types of flat feet, how you should select the right shoe and the five best walking shoes for flat feet.

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Best Compression Tights In 2018 – Can They Make You Run Better?

As a runner, you are always willing to try something that will increase your performance. When it comes to gear, there have been many theories of what wearing certain pieces of clothing can do to help you run better. One of the common gear is compression tights.

The question is do they work? What can they do for you? In this article, we will answer these questions. We will also give you a roundup of our top five best compression tights and highlight their features.

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Best Guide To Buying The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet In 2018

We all know how important it is to find the best fitting shoes for our feet. If you are a runner, getting running shoes that match your foot type will ensure you don't get injuries. For those who have wide feet, however, finding a good fit can be a little challenging.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about wide feet, how they can be caused and how to select shoes if you have wide feet. We will then present our top five running shoes for wide feet.

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How To Choose The Best Kinesiology Tape For 2018

When your muscles and the overall skeletal system is functioning well, you are able to perform at your best. However, we all get strained muscles or tendons at one time or another and this slows us down. Even if you are fully recovered, you may find yourself performing slower than usual.

In today’s innovative world, there are many techniques that athletes use to protect and treat muscles. One of these is called kinesiology. How does it work? What are the benefits? What is the Best kinesiology tape?

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Is Running A Sport? 5 Amazing Facts You Should Know

If running is the only physical activity you enjoy doing, and you are asked what your sport was, it may seem reasonable to answer “running”. But is it? The argument whether running is a sport or not is a simple yet complicated one.

While some think it should be categorized as a hobby because it doesn’t require much skill, others argue that it can be called a sport. So, is running a sport or a hobby? We’ll first define what a sport is and compare running to that definition. Then, we’ll compare how running measures up to these five pre-requisites.

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