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All About The Best Knee Brace For Torn ACL For 2018

One of my fondest teenage memories is going running with my Dad. I loved these evenings until one day something terrible happened- he hurt his knee. Without his regular running, my dad has gained weight and has developed high blood pressure.I have been looking for a way to help him since then. The other day, […]

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How To Conduct 7 Easy Torn Meniscus Tests

Since my husband and I started preparing to move apartments, I have been doing a lot of heavy lifting. Yesterday, as I was lifting a box, I felt my knee make a popping sound! I was so afraid that I had injured my knee so I quickly did some research to find out.It turns out […]

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6 Easy Ways To Do Morton’s Neuroma Test: #2 Is The Best

One of the things that makes Morton’s Neuroma easily misdiagnosed is the fact that the condition is often mistaken for a stress fracture. Like a stress fracture, the pain between the fourth and fifth toes intensifies during activities and diminishes with rest.The swelling at the top of the foot is another symptoms that both conditions […]

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Everything A Runner Should Know About Shin Splints

Shin splints is a common injury experienced by runners.If you develop a shin splint, the most likely cause is that you did too much, too soon.Since being enthusiastic about your running is a good thing, the disadvantage is when you put too much pressure on your body forcing it to do something that it is […]

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How Many Miles Can You Walk In A Day? Find Out!

Walking especially brisk walking is one good way to keep fit without going to the gym or doing other intense exercises. If you are an avid walker, you may be wondering how far is too far? How many miles can you walk in a day?Of course, there is no final answer, and it greatly depends […]

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