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What Is A Good Time For A 5K Run?

Running a 5K race can be an exciting yet challenging experience. If it is your first 5K race, you would be interested to know what a good time for a 5K run is? This is an excellent question that can help you analyze your chances of winning the race. There is no fixed answer since racing times are usually subjective. Here are some winning tips to help you make the right estimate.

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The Best Back Brace To Get You Back Running In 2018

According to statistics, back pain affects up to 80% of Americans and is considered one of the top reasons for absenteeism at work. Annually, 50 billion dollars is spent in medical bills to cure back pain. Runners who run on hard surfaces are vulnerable to back pain. One of the easiest solutions is a back brace. We have put together five of the best back braces to choose from.

First of all, let us identify some of the most common back pains faced by runners.

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Where To Put Phone While Running – 5 Top Solutions You’ll Love

In today’s world where people cannot live without their gadgets, finding a safe place to keep your cell phone when you are running is a problem you need to solve. Being able to carry your phone even when you are running safely is not only safe but a smart decision.

It is crucial that you select the most practical solution for your phone storage. We’ve put together a list of five of interesting places where to put your phone when running.

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How to choose the Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners 2018 – 6 Amazing Picks

If you are a heavy runner, you know how difficult it can be to find durable running shoes that still provide a good degree of comfort. We have put together six of our top picks to help make your job a lot easier.

All the best running shoes for heavy runners mentioned in this article are available online. Before we get started, let us consider how to select the best running shoes and how to make sure they last long.

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How To Use A CamelBak – Your Simple Guide

How do you make sure that you keep hydrated during your run? Is there a convenient way to store water while keeping your hands free? These are common questions all runners especially marathon runners face. Being able to keep hydrated during your workout will help you to perform better and endure longer. One of the latest technologies is the camelbak. How to use a camelbak and why should you opt for this water storages system?

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How To Run Without Stopping – 10 Awesome Ideas

If you are a new runner, you probably admire more seasoned runners who are able to run for extended periods of time without stopping. Learning how to run without stopping isn’t something you can learn overnight, but there are practical steps you can take to help you develop this skill. Being able to run for a longer period of time will help you get the best results from your workout.

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