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What Is The Torn Meniscus Recovery Time For Athletes?

According to an internal 21 season NBA study, for every 10,000 practices and games for each athlete, there were 1-2 meniscus injuries with an average return to a playing of 6 weeks.Only 20% of these athletes with injuries never returned. Thankfully, all those who were able to return to the same playing levels they had […]

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How To Conduct 7 Easy Torn Meniscus Tests

Since my husband and I started preparing to move apartments, I have been doing a lot of heavy lifting. Yesterday, as I was lifting a box, I felt my knee make a popping sound! I was so afraid that I had injured my knee so I quickly did some research to find out.It turns out […]

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6 Easy Ways To Do Morton’s Neuroma Test: #2 Is The Best

One of the things that makes Morton’s Neuroma easily misdiagnosed is the fact that the condition is often mistaken for a stress fracture. Like a stress fracture, the pain between the fourth and fifth toes intensifies during activities and diminishes with rest.The swelling at the top of the foot is another symptoms that both conditions […]

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Everything A Runner Should Know About Shin Splints

Shin splints is a common injury experienced by runners.If you develop a shin splint, the most likely cause is that you did too much, too soon.Since being enthusiastic about your running is a good thing, the disadvantage is when you put too much pressure on your body forcing it to do something that it is […]

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