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What Is The Difference Between Shin Splints And Stress Fracture?

As a runner, it is inevitable that at one time or another you get injured. Some injuries common to runners are simple sprains while others are serious fractures.

Determining the kind of fracture you have is a major step to recovery. One of the common mistakes made is determining the difference between shin splints and stress fractures. This article will help you differentiate the two.

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How To Heal A Sprained Ankle Fast – 5 Amazing Secrets You Can Do At Home

No matter how seasoned you are as a runner, it is impossible to prevent unforeseen events such as minor injuries like sprains. Getting a sprain doesn’t mean that you are careless since sprains are often a result of running on uneven surfaces.

When the ankle is twisted in an awkward position, some ligaments may tear and cause the sprain. For sure, you want to be back on your routine as soon as possible so here are valuable tips on how to heal a sprained ankle fast.

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How To Heal A Bruised Heel Without Going To The Doctor

The most common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis accounts for an estimated 8% of running-related injuries. Whether you are a long time runner or a beginner, at one time or another you may experience a bruised heel.

Although bruising your heel is not considered to be a major medical issue, the pain can be excruciating. Perhaps even worse is the fact that you may have to put your running to a halt until you heal.

We want you to get back to your routine as soon as possible, so we put together all the information you will need to know how to heal a bruised heel without going to the doctor.

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