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Best Walking Shoes For High Arches – 5 Amazing Options In 2018

Finding a pair of good walking shoes is challenging enough but finding a pair that is designed to address your foot issues can be a nightmare. One of the common foot issues is having a high arched foot. This condition may pose a number of problems.

If you suffer from this condition but still want to continue a walking routine, finding the best walking shoes for high arches should be your priority. In this article, we will first get a deeper understanding about high arches and then share our top five walking shoes for high arches.

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How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Women In 2018

The journey to weight loss is a long yet fulfilling one. If you are an overweight woman, the best place to start is walking. Depending on your weight and the distance of your walk, you can burn up to 160 calories per mile! One of the ways to ensure you get the most out of your walks is to find the best shoes.

The best walking shoes for overweight women are different from the regular walking shoe and provide more support. In this article, we'll discuss how to find the best walking shoe and share our top five favorites to help you decide.

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The Best Back Brace To Get You Back Running In 2018

According to statistics, back pain affects up to 80% of Americans and is considered one of the top reasons for absenteeism at work. Annually, 50 billion dollars is spent in medical bills to cure back pain. Runners who run on hard surfaces are vulnerable to back pain. One of the easiest solutions is a back brace. We have put together five of the best back braces to choose from.

First of all, let us identify some of the most common back pains faced by runners.

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How to choose the Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners 2018 – 6 Amazing Picks

If you are a heavy runner, you know how difficult it can be to find durable running shoes that still provide a good degree of comfort. We have put together six of our top picks to help make your job a lot easier.

All the best running shoes for heavy runners mentioned in this article are available online. Before we get started, let us consider how to select the best running shoes and how to make sure they last long.

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How To Use A CamelBak – Your Simple Guide

How do you make sure that you keep hydrated during your run? Is there a convenient way to store water while keeping your hands free? These are common questions all runners especially marathon runners face. Being able to keep hydrated during your workout will help you to perform better and endure longer. One of the latest technologies is the camelbak. How to use a camelbak and why should you opt for this water storages system?

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How To Wash Running Shoes – 8 Easy Steps To Follow

If you are like many runners, you enjoy a variety of terrain. From uphill runs to runs in the woods in sunshine or rain- whatever the situation, nothing stops you from your run.

Your running shoes are one of your most prized possessions, and you probably spent a small fortune to get just the right kind. Whether you have road, train or cross running shoes, one thing is for sure- at one time or another, they will start to smell.

In as much as you fear to destroy your precious shoes by washing them the wrong way, leaving them be is also not a good idea. The good news is the answer to how to wash running shoes is an easy one. It won’t take too much time or energy.

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