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How to Run A 7 Minute Mile – 11 Fantastic Tips To Run Faster

For one, being able to accomplish such a feat is a clear sign of physical fitness. In addition, if you are planning to run a marathon anytime soon, there is no better way to train than to speed up your technique. On average, an adult will need to take about 222 steps per minute to complete a mile in seven minutes. Here are some fantastic tips on how to run a 7 minute mile.

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What Is A Good Time For A 5K Run?

Running a 5K race can be an exciting yet challenging experience. If it is your first 5K race, you would be interested to know what a good time for a 5K run is? This is an excellent question that can help you analyze your chances of winning the race. There is no fixed answer since racing times are usually subjective. Here are some winning tips to help you make the right estimate.

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