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Why Does My Throat Hurt When I Run? 3 Excited Reasons

There are many interesting yet irritating conditions you may experience during your run. One of the most puzzling is having a sore throat every time you run. A sore throat while running can affect your performance negatively.

The question you desperately want to answer is why does my throat hurt when I run? The answer is not what you may think. In this article, we will discuss the three main causes of a sore throat when running.

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Running And Hemorrhoids- 5 Inquisitive Things Should Know

There are many obstacles you may face as a runner. From injuries to weight issues, each situation poses another challenge to your running sometimes minor and sometimes serious. Hemorrhoids are one of the most irritating and painful conditions you can face.

Although running and hemorrhoids don’t go well together, understanding the facts about this condition is the key to finding a solution. In this article, we will list five frequently asked questions about the condition and provide helpful suggestions.

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What Is The Bad Effect of Smoking To Running?

As a runner, you have the best health interests in mind and probably have a few fitness goals that you want to accomplish. It may come as a surprise, but there are some runners who actually smoke while they run.

If you are a smoking runner, the question is what is the relationship between smoking and running? Does smoking affect your running negatively? We’ll answer these question in this article.

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Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Run? 4 Reasons That Will Put Your Mind At Ease

Stronger muscles, stronger bones, better cardiovascular health, high calorie burn- these are just a few of the benefits you can get from running. As beneficial as it can be, many face a challenge that may cause them to stop their running routine.

They are perplexed with the question “why do I hurt my teeth when I run?”

Indeed, the discomfort that results from aching teeth when running is something to worry about but the good news is the answer isn’t as complicated as you might think. 

We have compiled four major reasons for aching teeth when running to make sure you address the issue and get back to the routine you love as soon as possible.

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