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What Are The Best Plantar Fasciitis Socks In 2018? Find Out!

Ever since I started wearing flat, comfortable shoes instead of high heels, I haven’t woken up with sore feet. Thanks to hubby’s good taste, my heel pain is all but gone. The only problem I face now is my feet get sweaty and smelly when I walk all day in closed shoes.

I know wearing socks will be a great help but I want to find the best plantar fasciitis socks to make sure I don’t aggravate my condition by wearing the wrong kind of socks. After doing a bit of looking around and research, I found five socks for plantar fasciitis that I highly recommend if you have the condition yourself. 

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Best Compression Tights In 2018 – Can They Make You Run Better?

As a runner, you are always willing to try something that will increase your performance. When it comes to gear, there have been many theories of what wearing certain pieces of clothing can do to help you run better. One of the common gear is compression tights.

The question is do they work? What can they do for you? In this article, we will answer these questions. We will also give you a roundup of our top five best compression tights and highlight their features.

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How To Use A CamelBak – Your Simple Guide

How do you make sure that you keep hydrated during your run? Is there a convenient way to store water while keeping your hands free? These are common questions all runners especially marathon runners face. Being able to keep hydrated during your workout will help you to perform better and endure longer. One of the latest technologies is the camelbak. How to use a camelbak and why should you opt for this water storages system?

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