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How Many Miles Can You Walk In A Day? Find Out!

Walking especially brisk walking is one good way to keep fit without going to the gym or doing other intense exercises. If you are an avid walker, you may be wondering how far is too far? How many miles can you walk in a day?

Of course, there is no final answer, and it greatly depends on the fitness level of a person, there is an average number of miles that one with reasonable fitness can walk each day.

In this article, we will discuss how far you can walk in a day, some dangers of walking too far and how you can build mileage.

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How To Run With A Weight Vest – 3 Awesome Steps

If you want to up your running game, one of the common strategies is to use a weight vest. A weight vest is basically a vest that is made from the heavy material or has pockets that you can fill up with sand bags and other weighted objects.

The reason why athletes wear weight vest is to add to their body weight in order to get a more intense workout. With a weight vest on, exercises such as walking and running become more challenging.

The reason for the effectiveness of the weight vest lies in its adding to your weight and forcing your body to work harder during the workout. Benefits of using the vest include better strength, endurance, agility and speed.

How can running with a weight vest help you? How can you get used to using a weight vest? Read on to learn the answer to these questions.

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Is Running A Sport? 5 Amazing Facts You Should Know

If running is the only physical activity you enjoy doing, and you are asked what your sport was, it may seem reasonable to answer “running”. But is it? The argument whether running is a sport or not is a simple yet complicated one.

While some think it should be categorized as a hobby because it doesn’t require much skill, others argue that it can be called a sport. So, is running a sport or a hobby? We’ll first define what a sport is and compare running to that definition. Then, we’ll compare how running measures up to these five pre-requisites.

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Running And Bodybuilding – 5 Awesome Reasons To Combine

One of the most common theories regarding running is that you cannot run and build muscle mass at the same time. If you are a body builder who wants to explore running as an alternative kind of workout, you need to know the connection between running and bodybuilding.

On the other hand, if you are a runner who wants to build muscle, understanding how to run in a way that doesn’t cause muscle reduction is essential.

In this article, we will list five reasons why combining the two is a great idea. We will also show you how to prevent negative effects running has on bodybuilding.

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Do You Wear Underwear With Running Shorts?

Running with underwear usually increases the heat down there which make some feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, the mesh that substitutes underwear on running shorts is not sufficient to support for many. So the question remains: Do you wear underwear with running shorts? Obviously, the answer is a personal one, but there are three factors to consider.

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How Do You Measure Your Stride?

Using a Pedometer is one of the devices that records the number of steps you take to help you reach your best performance. Usually, you would need to measure your stride. How do you measure your stride? Is there a relationship between having a lengthy stride and increasing running speed? How can you increase your running frequency? We’ll explain the best way to measure your stride in this article.

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5 Astounding Benefits Of Sit Up Make You Want To Try It

Every runner knows why it is important to include strength training in their workout routine. It not only trains your muscles to help you have a higher endurance but also help prevent injuries.

One of the recommended strength training exercises is sit ups. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of sit ups and how you can incorporate this natural yet effective technique in your own routine.

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What Is A Good Time For A 5K Run?

Running a 5K race can be an exciting yet challenging experience. If it is your first 5K race, you would be interested to know what a good time for a 5K run is? This is an excellent question that can help you analyze your chances of winning the race. There is no fixed answer since racing times are usually subjective. Here are some winning tips to help you make the right estimate.

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