Running - Benefits And Injuries

According to recent statistics, running is one of the most popular sports worldwide. In 2016, a reported 64 million went jogging or running in the United States alone. Like any other sport, running comes with its ups and downs and the internet offers a wide range of solutions to the most common running problems.

Here at EveryFirstStep, we have done a huge amount of research to deliver to you the most concise, up-to-date and practical information on everything you need to know about running.

From the health benefits to common misconceptions about the sport, we provide the facts straight up. EveryFirstStep also examines common running injuries providing you the fastest route to recovery.

Here is a quick peek into the kind of information you can find on this topic.

In this subcategory, you can find some common beliefs about the benefits of running and facts that either support or refute these beliefs.

Take for example the question: "Can running build leg muscle?" It has been long believed that since running is a cardio workout, it is good mainly for burning fat but not gaining muscle. In this article, we examine how you can build leg muscle by running longer and faster and targeting the right muscle groups. We further explain how to incorporate other exercises to help you build leg muscle.

Another interesting topic we tackle is "Can running give you abs?”. Here you will learn how running can help you towards building six pack abs because it helps you burn belly fat and improves core endurance. We also provide an easy to follow the running routine that will help you in your goal of building abs. Moreover, you can learn more exciting exercises to add to your routine and build abs faster.

The connection between running and losing weight is also discussed in our article “How long does it take to Lose Weight Running?”. Here discover four main reasons why you may be failing at your weight loss endeavors, for example, keeping the same pace which does not burn as many calories as you think. There are also interesting tips on how you can lose weight while running.

This section tackles some of the most common injuries you may experience during your running career. For example, shin splints and stress fractures are common issues faced by runners. We examine the difference between the two and give practical ways to help you identify which of the two you suffer from.

Other peculiar experiences such as your feet going numb while you run or ankles popping when running are also addressed in this section. It is interesting how some of these strange feelings when you run may actually be symptoms of more serious ailments such as diabetes.

In addition, more common and less minor injuries such as shoulder pain when running are also addressed and practical solutions provided. All the information provided has been thoroughly researched and is guaranteed to be factual and not based on personal opinion.

As a passionate runner, we understand that it will take more than a minor pain to stop you from running. This section deals with issues that may be part of your running routine such as running with bronchitis or running and hemorrhoids. We provide useful and factual tips on how you can continue your routine without making your condition worst.

For example, if you suffer from acute bronchitis, simply lowering the intensity of your workout may be enough not to trigger a breakout.

Sometimes, seemingly serious conditions such as when your heart hurts when running are actually nothing to do with the heart. One cause for this condition is called heartburn which is a digestive problem. We help you resist the urge to panic and instead make informed choices whenever you experience such conditions.

Other less serious problems like when your throat hurts when you run are also examined in this section.

It is our goal to help you understand the underlying causes for whatever you are feeling and take the right steps toward recovery. With the information we provide, there will be no problem too big for you to even consider stopping your running.