How Many Miles Can You Walk In A Day? Find Out!

Walking especially brisk walking is one good way to keep fit without going to the gym or doing other intense exercises. If you are an avid walker, you may be wondering how far is too far? How many miles can you walk in a day?

Of course, there is no final answer, and it greatly depends on the fitness level of a person, there is an average number of miles that one with reasonable fitness can walk each day.

In this article, we will discuss how far you can walk in a day, some dangers of walking too far and how you can build mileage.


Things To Consider

Understandably, the distance you can walk in a day greatly depends on these factors:


Steep, rocky and other difficult terrains are difficult to walk on and may take longer

Fitness Level

If you have a desk job and aren’t that physically fit, you may walk less than someone who is fit. In fact, according to a survey, Americans take only 5,117 steps per day or approximately 2.5 miles a day. (1,2)


If a person brings water on their walk, they are more likely to endure a longer period that someone who doesn’t have any water. Taking food on the hike is another factor that may lengthen the time walked.

Time Of The Day

Walking when there is the favorable weather is easier than walking in the extreme heat or cold. Obviously, the temperate outdoors when walking is something else that can affect the number of miles walked in a day.

Beginner Vs. Expert Walker

You are new to walking

Taking all the mentioned factors in mind, if a beginner and expert were placed side by side to walk in a marathon, there would be different results. A beginner without any major illnesses such as diabetes or heart problems and is in reasonable health can walk approximately walk 5.5 -6.8 miles. Such a walk would be equivalent to 2 hours or so.(3)

You are well trained - walker

On the other hand, trained walkers such as those who enter marathons are able to do 26.2 miles of the Portland marathon without breaks in 7 hours. (4) With breaks and meal stop, 20 miles a day for a trained walker is feasible. If they were walking fast without breaks, then they could even do 30 miles.

In another popular trail - the Camino de Santiago, walk on average 10 to 17 miles per day on a terrain that even has some hills.

  • According to the Guinness World Records, the farthest distance for Nordic walking in a day was 108.7 miles and was achieved by Walter Geckle of Austria in 2010. (5)

Building Your Mileage

If you are still a beginner in the world of walking, there are some steps you can take to slowly but surely build your walking mileage. (6,7)

Track your steps during normal activities

Using a pedometer, try and reach at least 10,000 steps a day before stepping up your walking. You can do this by being more active and doing things such as taking the steps instead of the elevator.

Start by walking for 30 minutes five days a week

If you are still a newbie, just walk at a pace that allows you to talk, not gasp for air but still is fast enough to make you sweat.

Follow the 10% rule

When considering walking for a longer distance, only increase your distance by 10% of the previous week. If you stop for a week or so, then start back at a lower level and build up again.

Use proper walking technique

Follow the following points: (8)


  • Keep your back straight not arched
  • ​Roll your feet from heel to toe
  • ​Make sure your chin is parallel to the ground
  • ​Keep shoulders in a natural position
  • Hold your head high
  • Tighten your stomach muscles gently
  • Sway your arms as if you were reaching for something in your back pocket

Incorporate strength exercises in workout routine

For example, do walking lunges, lift kicks, double toe raises. Remember that in order to get better endurance, you need first to build your muscles.


There cannot be a fixed number when it comes to how many miles you can walk in a day. The bottom line is there are so many factors to consider when it comes to estimating how many miles you can walk.

​Whatever your situation, you can always increase your mileage by training your body. Remember that it is never too late to become a seasoned runner.

How did you enjoy this article? How many miles is your current record? We’d love to hear more about your walking experience in the comments below. Please also feel free to share this article with others.