Running Without Socks? Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever tried running without socks? Many runners wonder whether this is a good idea or not. Some believe that running with no socks gives you more control while others feel it only destroys shoes. If you are thinking about going without socks on your next run, there are some things you need to keep in mind.


Disadvantages Of Running Without Socks

You may be considering running without socks because you want to reduce your laundry. Or perhaps you have heard of other athletes who do not wear socks and perform well. Another reason you may considering this option is because you are more comfortable barefooted.

Whichever the case, before you decide to go barefoot in your sneakers, remember these disadvantages.

​1. Effect On Your Feet

feet odor
  • It Will Make Your Feet Smell

The reason everyone wears socks with sneakers is mainly because of the ability for socks to capture moisture. Without socks as a barrier, all the sweat from your feet transfer to your sneakers and cause them to stink.

Taking your shoes out in public may be very embarrassing. People who have tried going without socks say that no amount of deodorizer helps to get rid of the smell.

  • It Will Give You Blisters

Another disadvantage of wearing sneakers without socks is that you can get blisters. This especially happen when you wear new sneakers without socks. Running with your bare feet rubbing against the sneakers is sure to give you blisters.

2. Harm Your Running Shoes

worn sweaty sneakers
  • It Will Ruin The Color Of Your Shoes

The amount of time it takes for the color on your shoes to fade will be greatly reduced if you run without socks. Socks not only keep moisture but also collect dirt from your feet so that your sneakers remain clean. Without socks, all the dirt from your feet will be left on your sneakers.

  • It Can Get Molds

Without socks to trap moisture, it is easy for your shoes to get moldy. In some cases, green spots may start to appear inside.

  • It Can Wear Out Your Cushioning

Wearing sneakers without socks can also hasten the wear and tear of the cushioning in your shoes. Moisture easily gets trapped inside the shoes and with constant running, your cushioning may wear out.

Although these conditions may not be the suffered by everyone, most who decide to go without socks can relate.

What To Do If You Want To Go Without Socks

Despite all these disadvantages, you may still want to try going without socks. If this is the case, here are some tips to try and minimize the effects mentioned earlier.

1. Use Duct Tape Around Your Toes

This may sound questionable but duct tape can help in preventing blisters from forming on your toes. Many athletes use duct tape on their toes to help prevent blisters especially on the undersides of their toes. Simply wrap your toes in duct tape leaving out the rest of your foot.

2. Use Petroleum Jelly On Contact Points

Use Petroleum jelly


Using petroleum on the parts of your feet that are in close contact with your sneakers may help prevent blisters. For example, you can put Vaseline on the front of your foot that is in contact with the tongue of your sneakers.

Another place is the heel which usually rubs against the back of your shoe. If you choose to do this, make sure you tie the laces tight since Vaseline makes it easy for your shoes to be removed.

3. Use Talcum Powder To Absorb Moisture



This is another preventive measure which may help with combatting the smell. You may use any kind of talcum to try and keep your feet dry when you run. Depending on the duration your feet are in your sneakers, using talcum may be the solution for smelly feet.

4. Use A Shoe That Is A Size Smaller

One of the reasons you may experience discomfort when wearing sneakers barefoot is because of the size. Try getting a shoe that is a size smaller to wear without socks. This may increase your comfort and reduce the chances of unnecessary running against your shoe.

Your Choice

The decision not to wear socks when running is, of course, up to you. However, it would be wise if you consider the disadvantages as mentioned earlier before throwing your socks away. Also take some preventive measures to ensure you minimize the smell and wear and tear.

Being comfortable while you run greatly affects your performance. Make sure you consider all factors before deciding on the matter.

How did you like this article? Have you tried running without socks in the past? Do share your experience here; we'd love to hear them. Also, make sure to share this with other running enthusiasts.